What do you want to do before you die?

I get inspired easily, I think that's a given (just read through this blog.)

About a month ago, my mom emailed me to tell me about a new show on MTV called The Buried Life.

Basically, these four guys graduated college, bought a bus, and made a list of things they want to do before they die. For everything they crossed off their list, they had to help a complete stranger cross of theirs. How freaking amazing. I live for this stuff.

With that said, here's a continuation of things I want to do before I die (you'll notice a lot are travel related...):

-Visit all 50 states
-Become a plastic surgeon
-Be published in a national magazine
-Buy/Build my mom a house
-Build my own house
-Adopt a child, or two
-Climb a Mountain (Ranier in WA perhaps??)
-Take my mom to Ireland
-Drive coast to coast
-Skydive and Bungee Jump
-Drive up the coast from LA to San Fran/Seattle
-Sleep on the beach in big sur
-Hike half dome
-Camp in the grand canyon (before this...scream at the top of my lungs into it...)
-Visit Africa (preferable bungee off Victoria Falls)
-Visit Louvre
-Save a life
-Surgery in foreign country
-Hold a newborn baby
-Meet the president
-Stay in Big Sur on the cliff
-See a Whale
-Fly my own plane
-Stay in the most expensive suite in Vegas....or the MJ suite in Atlantis
-Go to Alaska
-Drive a Shelby Mustang, Lambourghini, Ferrari (for those of you reading...Cali has a nice Drive Experience where you can drive all these....ahem birthday)
-Skinny-dip (sorta crossed this off last week...kinda sorta)
-See the pyramids, swiss alps, great wall
-Go on an African Safari
-Start a dance party in public with a few hundred people
-Running of the bulls
-Write a book
-Live in a foreign country
-Scuba Dive
-Be on national television
-hold hands with the girl I love while running through a field in Ireland or Vienna or London
-Stay in a bed and breakfast in london
-Learn how to sail
-Send a complete stranger on a vacation
-Buy a complete stranger groceries
-Reconstructive surgery, for free
-Take somebody on a shopping spree
-Play soccer/futbol with kids in africa
-Kiss my love, in the sunset, on the cliffs of California/Washington/Europe (basically...just a cliff and a kiss and a lover.)
-Stand on stage in front of 50,000

More to come....

What do you want to do before you die?

"These lists are our lives, they define us. They bring us together. And in them, we share our dreams, our successes, and our innermost desires. Sometimes all we need to make them real is a little help."