This is it. This is what church is supposed to be. This is family, vulnerability, fear. So much more than that, this is compassion and deep love that has no regard and knows no bounds.

I am amazed. I am speechless. Your ability to constantly remind me that You are still here, that You still care, that You still love and are powerful just leaves me breathless. The way You orchestrate things, and people, and keep Your hand in my life even though I continually screw up is just so beautiful.

Thank you. For healing. For restoring. For redeeming me, daily. For fighting for me and teaching me how to be a man when I thought nobody was there to show me the ropes. When I thought I'd never learn how to shave and I'd never have anybody to watch me play football or show me how to love a woman, you came through. Though I'm still learning, I know I have come far. Thank You for giving me dreams, for without them I am nothing. Furthermore, without You in them, they are nothing but selfish ambitions, remind me of that, please. Thank you for giving me the strength in my hands to break through so many walls.

Teach me how to love wildly, dangerously, crazily. As the moon reflects the glory of the sun, I ask that my heart may reflect Your beauty.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is violent, and violent men take it by force."

Give me motivation, give me all my hearts desires. Show me something gorgeous, show me 'til my eyes get tired. Give me all the drums, and show me how to play them loud. Show me how to move when I can't feel that you're around...we hide like thieves in shadows, scared of the sun. Because we know the light will find us, us and all we've done...

If to distant lands I scatter
If I sail to farthest seas
Would you find and firm and gather 'til I only dwell in Thee?
If I flee from greenest pastures
Would you leave to look for me?
Forfeit glory to come after
'Til I only dwell in Thee

If my heart has one ambition
If my soul one goal to seek
This my solitary vision 'til I only dwell in Thee
That I only dwell in Thee
'Til I only dwell in Thee

My heart wants to sing so many songs, and my fingers want to write on forever about Your glory but I pray that You see my heart is speechless.