After afterall

Am I grasping at something, or nothing at all? Do I keep my feet on the ground, or let them go? I honestly can't say I know. I've never been in that position. It's unsettling, probably not a good thing, but I know the chips will fall as they may. I don't understand this, at all. Maybe I'm not supposed to?

I know you can only ignore things for so long, until they surface. Until they erupt like a volcano, rolling over the top of our pride and melting those things in it's path.

Once again, my mind is wandering. It's going a million miles a minute, thinking what if, when, why, where, how, what.

My hands are tired from these storms, and my legs don't want to walk this alone anymore.

I guess its sooner or later
Maybe its later for some
But we all come down
With a bad case of longing sometimes