I'm here. I have been. I've been so inspired, so quiet, so still. I've been digesting all of this I guess, keeping my head more above water than I have before, swimming the best way I know how.

It's funny how painful conversations are sometimes the best ones. I guess it's not funny at all. Poor choice of words. Let's try that again.

It's unreal how painful conversations can heal so much. Unreal, how as we age, we realize how many scars we have, how many things we've tried to cover over the years. How the little things did, in fact, hurt us. How things we should've heard when we were younger, yet so many of us didn't, still carry over in to today.

You've heard the saying "you made your bed, now lie in it." I've never heard something so ridiculous. I don't think that's how life should be. We are hear to tell others those things they should hear. That you worth it, you are beautiful, that we are in this together, we will press on and work through this together. Those scars, they aren't true. Those whispers that you never heard, that are causing the things you DO hear...they aren't true.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get deep. I think this needed to be said though.

In other news. I have a huge exam in one week. I'm feeling confident about it actually. I've been studying my butt off, and teaching a few others, which really helps. I cannot believe that one day, I will be a surgeon. It's unreal.

...crap, there I go again...I can't help it!